June 2024

We hear and read a lot at present about ‘experiences’ and here in the Lake District there are many such activities advertised ranging from survival training to walking alpacas and glass blowing.

For my Christmas present last year my family gave me a voucher for one of Amy Bateman’s Farm Photography days. Amy is a local photographer and farmer whose book, Forty Farms, won Lakeland Book of the Year in 2023.

I visited Amy’s farm last week and spent a wonderful day guided around the farm by Amy who shared her enthusiasm, knowledge and experiences around photography, farming and a sustainable future. I took a lot of pictures!

The introductory coffee and a chat had to wait until we had followed and photographed a flock of three hundred sheep being moved up a narrow lane.

There were lambs to be photographed

And the sheep dogs were also very cooperative

We got fairly close to a bull with a ring in its nose

And even the cobwebs on an old barn roof required a photo.

It was a great experience!