I usually try to write something at the beginning of a month but August this year was extremely busy as my sister, Margaret had her 80th birthday. We grew up as children in Sunderland and as my father worked in the shipyards we had ‘shipyard holidays’ which coincided with Margaret’s birthday. We always spent our holidays in the Lake District so Margaret wanted to celebrate her 80th here as well with family and friends.

We all had a super time and I am just putting one picture up of Margaret and the grandchildren in the woods on her birthday. The children decorated the letters for a banner to say Happy Birthday which we hid in the wood for Margaret to find: there was a bit of resistance to putting the letters in the right order as the children wanted to hold the ones they themselves had done!

Poppy and Edith, Clare’s children, stayed on after all the partying and in a quieter moment Poppy wrote a lovely poem:

Fun footpaths

Outdoor fun

Up mountains

Lots of lakes

Sheep farms

Yellow leaves in Autumn

Kids activities

English lakes


Towards the end of August life was slowly returning to normal and I was once again able to take the dog for quiet walks early in the morning down to the lake.