The past month has been one of contrasting weather patterns, there have been some gloriously sunny days and some very cold ones with even a little snow on the tops of the fells. There was also a lot of rain. I went down to Crummock after a day of very heavy rain and there was no way you could get round the lakeshore as the bridges were islands. The river was almost up to the car park and the monitoring station just inside the gate from the car park was completely surrounded by water.

Although the water subsides fairly quickly the ground remains very wet. A week ago I was at the far end of Crummock and it was just too wet to walk through to Buttermere, I did however see a rather damp herdwick paddling across the stream to pastures new.

Last Sunday was a lovely day so I went up onto Brackenthwaite Hows in the morning before getting to work on the garden: it was beautiful.

Someone, of course, always gets to the top first!

It is now December and the Christmas lights are on. Cockermouth looks very pretty and twinkly but my favourite is always the climber on Keswick Moot Hall – he never fails to makes me smile.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas.