It is starting to be quite autumnal. Last week I saw the first seasonal skeins of geese going overhead, you always hear them first but it is astonishing how high they fly and how speedily. There’s also several red squirrels about which is lovely, lots of acorns as well which will be good news for them.

Another sign of the time of year are the annual flu jabs! In Loweswater we were treated to a drive thru session at the village hall, don’t usually expect that view with a jab.

September has been busy locally particularly at weekends: it is understandable that people want to get away, want a break, but it does have its downsides, quiet spots aren’t as quiet and traffic becomes a greater problem. I did however smile at one of Buttermere’s parking restrictions the other Sunday.

Over the summer I have been able to see some of my family and it was my son Ian and his family’s turn at the beginning of the month. Matias is only 9 months old but he made it up his first Wainwright, (obviously this has to be Low Fell), albeit in a back pack!

It is lovely to have guests in the cottages again and I am very grateful to my cleaning team for all the extra work and time they are putting in to make the cottages as safe as possible for everyone. They are usually a fairly invisible presence between guests but here they are in all their glory, ready to go on a Saturday morning.