Alan Hooper

The past few weeks have been totally dominated by the weather! One of the Crummock guests sent me this amazing picture taken from the garden during half-term. The following week guests were reporting spectacular cloud inversions and brockenspectres! Then the rain started!


After a very wet changeover the other Saturday I took Wattie down to Crummock shore – the foot bridge was an island, I managed to get close enough to take a picture but when I was there last Sunday (the day of the severe weather warnings) I couldn’t get anywhere near!


Low lying fields in the valley have been under water and during heavy rain there has been a lot of water on the roads but they have never been impassable. The fields either side of the bridge at Lanthwaite Wood have been flooded but although the river was high it never reached anywhere near the height of the 2009 floods when the water came over the top of the bridge.


There was scarcely a view from the seat – just rather a lot of water and a very reluctant dog!


I would just like to add one more picture from a wet day that became a rather special afternoon.

Crow Park

Later….November 21st, view from the seat – the first fall of snow on the fells!