The bluebells on Brackenthwaite Hows were stunning this year and looking across from Foulsyke they made a beautiful blue carpet on the side of the hill. When I went up last month to take some pictures, the only other people I met were a couple of friends also out for a gentle afternoon stroll. However last Wednesday, Brackenthwaite Hows hit the national headlines with the news that the National Trust had bought it for its view and link with a Turner painting. I think many people locally, both residents and visitors, have mixed feelings about this. It is good that the future of the hill is secure and it will remain cared for and accessible but it is a quiet little local gem and one would have reservations about it becoming ‘a place to visit’. There is also always the issue of any increased volume of traffic putting more pressure on our narrow roads and limited parking facilities. The National Trust are acknowledging concerns and are holding a meeting with locals later this month.

Although the flowers and trees in the hedgerows and fields have a regular sequence, some years particular flowers are more outstanding than others. This year it is the May blossom that has really been spectacular. What I find interesting is that most of the blossom is white but there are a few with pink flowers which come out a little later. I have also noticed  that there are an increasing number of aquilegias escaping from gardens onto the roadside. These are on Scale Hill bridge!

People often ask what it is like living here and I always reply, ‘Lovely.’ As well as all the beautiful scenery there is a lot going on. In particular the local village halls host a range of activities and clubs and there are regular film nights, concerts by visiting musicians and plays by travelling theatre groups. Tonight I am going to ‘The Chef Show’ at Ullock which is about a busy Saturday night in a local curry house and there is a local chef cooking during the play – hope we get some of it to taste!