The past month has been one of very mixed weather, some sun but like everyone else we’ve also had our fair share of rain, clouds and wind but it has generally remained warm.

At the end of September there were some lovely early autumn morning dog walks.

A few days later it was impossible to get across the bridges at Crummock.

At the beginning of October I took a trip to Silloth on the Solway coast with some friends and we walked round Grune Point. It’s a lovely walk with lots of sea birds, well worth a visit. On the way back I spotted a hay bale sculpture which an ice cream selling farm had built just south of Allonby: it really made me smile.

Looking at the photos I took through the month, most of them looked a bit cloudy and damp.

The weather does not really stop you from going out walking and you can still appreciate the views. This is one from the top of Walla Crag last Sunday morning.

Further along Borrowdale at Ashness Bridge the autumn colours were beautiful despite the clouds and we appreciated the view with a couple of traditionally dressed Asian ladies.