June seems to have passed by in a haze of heat. Temperatures of 30° in Loweswater! Carlisle the hottest spot in the country! I usually write my blog in an evening but today I am writing mid afternoon in the coolest place – the house. I’m doing all the jobs I usually save for rainy days so I can be inside through the heat of the day.

However about half way through the month, Storm Hector hit and the hawthorn bush in the field in front of the house that had been half blown over by the Beast from the East (see March) got a westerly blast and blew over the other way into the wall.

Enough of the weather. The theatre at Keswick is now well into its summer season. The two plays I have seen in the Main House, Jeeves and Wooster and Alan Bennett’s Single Spies, are really excellent – well worth an evening out. I did however see this rather unusual sign in the theatre foyer on the weekend of the Lakesman Triathlon.

There have been workman busy by the weirs down at Crummock, they have been putting what looks like a rough spiky rubber matting on one of the slopes apparently to help the eels get from the river into the lake – fascinating.

Not sure what Max would make of meeting an eel on his morning swim!

Although it is very hot, it is lovely to go up on the fells and there’s usually a nice breeze on top. The picture below is of Three Tarns between Crinkle Crags and Bowfell in the Langdales – a beautiful long summer day’s walk to remember.