December 2014

I have been rather remiss with my blog recently and have just realised that my last entry was in September! A lot seems to have happened since then and probably one of the most exciting reasons I have not been writing was the arrival of a new grandson! Paul and Ann had a lovely baby boy, Arthur, at the beginning of November.


I have a photograph of my father, also Arthur, on the top of Scafell Pike in the late 1920s – it would be lovely to have one of the new Arthur when he is a little bigger!

Since I last wrote we have passed through autumn into winter. There was snow on the fells earlier this month but it has all but disappeared at present. Thinking of what have been the most striking features of this autumn, one must be the amount of beech nuts – I have never seen so many! The holly has had a lot of berries and despite the arrival of the fieldfares there still seem to be plenty around. We have had some amazing sunrises recently, sorry no photos, as by the time you go in to pick up the camera the moment has passed. One morning when I went to let the chickens out, there was a beautiful pinky red glow over Robinson which was echoed by another glow in the west and a contrail over Low Fell almost looked like a rainbow!

Several people ask how the chickens are! Sadly I have only two now as two succumbed to chickeny problems. However Marigold and Gladys are well and still laying despite it being almost the shortest day. They are great fun and very amusing and they thoroughly enjoy a bowl of porridge before bedtime on cold days!

It is almost Christmas now and the lights in Cockermouth and Keswick are looking lovely – the climber on the wall of the Moot Hall in Keswick is still trying to get to the top but the pièce de résistance has to be Podgy Paws‘  window –  ‘Strictly Come Barking’ – great fun!


May I wish you all a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!