14 June

It was strange not writing a blog last Sunday but everything is changing as we are all able to get out and about more and starting to plan towards the future. We are expecting to hear this week about re-opening: we are now able to access draft guidelines of how to make our properties safe for everyone when visitors return. There is a lot to think about, a lot to do and I think the cottages will look and feel rather different. I am buying specialised cleaning equipment and products as well as PPE for the cleaners and myself so we can deep clean. Guests who are booked in July and August are being very helpful and flexible about dates so I can leave gaps between lets: as well as the cleaning I think it gives a lot more confidence to everyone if a cottage has been left empty for a few days. Anyway, enough of that and onto more interesting matters.

Although we have had some rain in the past week the lakes are still rather low as you can see from this photo from one of the bridges by the weir at Crummock. My friend Kathryn and I had a lovely evening just meandering round the lake taking photographs.

It is interesting to see the old tree stumps emerging looking rather fossilised.

The lake was very still so we got some lovely reflections and colours.

A few day later I was down at the lake with the dog and found a rather substantial stone stack, a lot of thought and work must have gone into that. It lasted about a week.

The flowers are looking good at the moment, the foxgloves are adding a lot of colour everywhere.’

I found this cotton grass on the top of Fellbarrow, it doesn’t photograph very well, you just have to imagine the effect but the clouds are rather nice as well!

I think many of you saw the awful footage of the amount of cars ‘parked’ around Buttermere the other weekend. A few days later I cycled to Buttermere and had to smile at one of the solutions in the village.

I also went to Buttermere early this morning, the first time I had actually been down to the lakeshore since before lockdown.

We have had some beautiful reflections during lockdown.